Photo Booth

Our Expo Air Selfie Pod, also known as a Photo Booth, is the latest invention that is taking over the photo booth world by storm, and it’s all ours!

This slick designed Selfie Pod is an ultra-modern open-air Photo Booth using the latest technology, its Canon camera and Mitsubishi printer, allow us to provide you with high-quality images.

The Pod itself can be themed to your event, with various skins to choose from including Wedding, Gatsby, Winter Wonderland, 007, Wild West, Vegas or can even be created bespoke to you for your event. The Selfie Pod also comes with unlimited personalised prints to fit your event.

Forget those old-style photo booths and selfie mirrors, the Expo Air Selfie Pod is mightily impressive and the most fun your guests can have at any party or celebration. With its cutting-edge technology, it is superior to other Photo Booths, and we feel this will complete your party games hire.

photo booth

So, what is a photo booth?

So the simple question to ask is… “what exactly is a Photo Booth”? Well to make this easier, a Photo Booth is a device that allows your guests to take part in taking photos together throughout their day/night, allowing for a relaxed style of photo to be produced. We have all seen the Photo Booths that only fit 2 or 3 people in, well with our open-air selfie pod, it allows a lot more. We once have had 30 people taking a photo at once – no joke!

With our selfie pod, also comes the printable photos. We usually suggest bringing a guestbook, so that your guests can stick their crazy pics in the book and leave a message. A bit like your leaver’s book you get from school, just cooler! With our unlimited printing system, it allows your guests to print not only one or two photos but as many as you possibly want to print! So, your guests can take a photo each and also leave a special note in your book too! Trust me, you will love reading the messages the following days after your event, and will have the memories captured for a lifetime.

Where can a Photo Booth be used?

With the conventional Photo Booth being used to take your passport photo or your next driving license photo. They also provide hours of fun for your next party, wedding or even corporate event you wish to hold. There are endless possibilities with a selfie pod and because of our personalisation option we offer, no matter what event you are holding, we can personalise our selfie pod to your desired theme, and not only that, but we can also personalise the printed photos that dispense too!

We have used the selfie pod at numerous events, and we always find, that no matter the event in question, this bad boy is printing all night long. You’d be surprised how many people love to take photos when their spirits are high!

bond parties selfie pod
photo booth

So, why should you use a photo booth at your next event/party?

Not only will our Photo Booth provide hours of fun and enjoyment, but it will give your guests something to talk about and also because all photos are printed, it allows your guests to cherish their moment at your event forever. You’d be surprised how many times we see the selfie pods photos appear on the whiteboard at work, fridges at home and inside wallets.

The Photo Booth not only spark excitement at your event but it allows for people to mingle, so the folks you know who would never meet or talk, will get them up off their feet and interacting, because what is better than sparking up a conversation while taking a funny/loving/alcohol-fuelled photo.

Like we have discussed above, because our selfie pod has limitless personalising options, we can add that little extra special moment to your event, and have your guests talking about it for years to come.

Our selfie pod is a real talking point, and people can get excited to see and use them. It can capture pictures you wouldn’t normally achieve with a normal camera, such as having custom backgrounds, special facial effects, and with the use of our props box, you can get some great photos.

Photo Booth for your next exhibition stand?

So, the sales targets are in and your expo events are booked, but how are you going to wow your future and current prospects?? How can you not only catch their attention but also keep it? Well, we have what you need!

Our corporate selfie pod hire packages are fully customisable providing guests with a fully branded personalised takeaway to remember you by. Our pod can also be designed and branded with your company logo, colours, and much much more.

Our selfie pod will make your business stand out from the crowd, increase your footfall to your stand, whilst also giving attendees a memorable fully branded photo to take away from your event to remember you guys!

photo booth
selfie pod

Photo booth for a wedding?

Now if you want to wow your guests, then our selfie pod can help you do this with ease! Certain entertainment at a wedding can be subjective, and not everyone wants to take part, but with our selfie pod, EVERYONE will want to participate! No matter the gender or age of your guest, we assure you, they will want to take part, and because our selfie pod is so simple to use, we tend to see guests going back for seconds, thirds and even fourths too!

As standard all of our photo booths come with;

  • 3-hour running time use!
  • Selfie Expert. Someone to help you make the most of the pod!
  • Unlimited personalised prints. When we say unlimited, we mean UNLIMITED!
  • Prop Box – A sizeable box of hats, wigs, glasses & much more for you and your guests to pull off some wonderful and strange poses!