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Themes & Party Props

As professionals in the events and entertainment industry for three decades, we believe that themes and party props can really add to an event and get everyone in the party spirit no matter what the occasion. With our events team we can organise activities, entertainers, performers, party props and theming to suit your style and occasion.

We can cover a wide range of themes from through the decades, to festive themes, or Las Vegas to Hawaii, we have equipment that will suit.

Party Props

Here are Bond Parties we have various props available to hire for your event to give your venue that extra touch, whether is Bond, Vegas, Western, Gangster, Movie plus many more, we have props to suit your theme.

Themed party props are a great way to create a brilliant atmosphere for your party, bringing a superior level of authenticity and making a lasting impression your guests.

We have various party props available.

party props
party props

Bond Theme

Theme your venue 007 style from a scene out of the latest Bond film with our party Props & Theming such as Bond Themed Table Centres, Cocktail Bar, Giant Cocktail Glasses, Slot Machines, James Bond Life-Size Cut-Outs, Bond & Bond Girl Film Strips, Flame Lights, Red Carpet, Posts & Ropes, Card Arches, Giant Playing Card, Bond & Bond Girl Silhouettes, Casino Royal Signs, Giant Casino Chips and 007 Backdrop.

The Great Gatsby

Go back to midst of prohibition, business is booming for the bootleggers and speakeasies. With Jazz taking over, the 1920s was a time of partying the night away in your best pin stripe suit and trilby hat, or in your best new dress, pearls and curls. But it was also the era gangsters such as Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly rose. Great Gatsby nights allow everyone to indulge in getting dressed up for the occasion and then enjoying a great night. They have become popular following the release of films such as the Great Gatsby, Public Enemies and Legend.

Theme your venue with these party props so it looks like you have transported back in time with our party Props & Theming such as Ostrich Feather Table Centres, Speakeasy Cocktail Bar, Giant Cocktail Glasses, 1920s style Canvases, Moneybags, Slot Machines, Gangsters and Flapper Life-Size Cut-Outs.

gatsby theme
las vegas party props

Las Vegas

Party away and enjoy your evening in the city that never sleeps. Come alive at your very own Vegas Casino, our Show Girls will welcome you and your guests with a cocktail in your hand, and you never know even Elvis might make an appearance. All you need to decide is when and where Vegas is going to roll into town.

Theme your event and take a trip to Las Vegas with our party Props & Theming, with our Las Vegas Backdrop, Giant Cocktail Glasses, Giant Casino Chips, Slot Machines, Red Carpet, Posts & Ropes, Casino Signs, Flame Lights, Vegas Signs, Card Arches and Money Bags.

Through The Decades

Dig out the neon tutu and leg warmers out from the loft, perm your hair and enjoy your next event 80s style! The 1980s was the decade of the Walkman, the microwave and the home computer.

It’s time to boogie, get down and groovy at your 70s party, whether you’re a disco hippy or a glam rocker, the 70s was an era for everyone. Rock the night away with bands from ABBA and Boney M to Kiss and Led Zeppelin.

The Sixties was a defining decade in Britain, The Beatles were iconic and we won the world cup. Celebrate the fun world of flower power and hippies and have a blast at your next event 60s style, get in the groove with the likes of music legends, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Shirley Bassey. Known as the Swinging Sixties, it was an era renowned for its fashion, with icons such as Twiggy and the beehive hairdo, bell-bottom jeans, mini skirts, tie-dye, paisley prints were also in.

Jive into your next event 50s style, with rock and roll legends such as Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and the one and only Elvis Presley. The Rock n Roll era originated in the United States, but why go to the USA when the USA can come to you!

through the decades theme


Get the Hawaiian shirt, grass skirt and coconuts out for a beach party to remember. Who doesn’t love being on a beach in a hot country. Well why not add some heat to your next party with a Hawaiian theme and party props.

Theme your event with our party Props & Theming, with Giant Cocktail Glasses, Hawaiian Table Centres, Tiki Bar, Beach Backdrop, Giant Palm Trees and Room Decorations.

Our Cocktail Tasting Casino table is a a tried and tested proven success. Try fruity flavoured cocktails and place your bet on what fruit is in the cocktail, don’t judge by the colour of the cocktail as this may be deceiving. A unique and new must have at any Hawaiian or Caribbean style party.

Night At The Movies

Fight your way past the paparazzi down the red carpet to your reception of a night at the movies. Dress up as your favourite movie star, you are a VIP for the night, drink cocktails at the reception of your event and meet familiar celebrity faces. Your movie themed event will sure be one to remember.

Add that VIP touch to your event by adding some party Props & Theming, such as Blackdrops, Superhero Canvases, Giant Clapperboards, Red Carpet, Posts & Ropes, Film Strips, Hollywood Table Centres, VIP Signs, James Bond Table Centres, Film & Movie Canvases, Life-size Oscar Cutouts, Giant Cocktail Glasses, James Bond Cutouts and Flame Lights.

night at the movies theme
party props

Wild West

Dust off those cowboy boots, spurs, Wranglers and cowboy hat and get ready for the Hoedown. Arrive on horseback to your Wild West event and enjoy a moonshine or two beside the barbecue with the country music playing in the Honky-tonk. If being a cowboy or cowgirl for the evening isn’t you style why not be the opposition at dress as an Indian. Who’ll win the shootout, the Western Cowboys or the Native Americans?