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Retro Gaming Stations

With over 80 retro games on our Gaming Stations, your guests will be thoroughly entertained. These Retro Gaming Stations can be played by 1 or 2 players at one time and can be made competitive with a leaderboard. 

They are ideal for Weddings and party games hire,  a great talking point, providing endless fun! Fantastic for everyone of all ages, why not re-live your youth and play a selection of classic retro games?

Have fun with our freestanding gaming stations, which come in different themes including cocktail and Vegas. We can also fully brand them for your event, making them really popular for Exhibition Stands, and are great for keeping guests engaged on your stand.

Racing Simulators

You can race against friends, or just against the clock on our Vision Racer Racing Simulators. We have various console systems to choose from whether Play Station or Xbox along with various racing games, allowing you to drive numerous different cars ranging from a Renault Clio to a Pagani Zonda around real circuits and rally stages throughout the world! Our Racing Car Simulators are fantastic entertainment for Party games hire, Weddings, Corporate Functions, Car Showroom Launches, Exhibition and Trade Show stands.

Selfie Pod

Our Expo Air Selfie Pod, this latest invention is taking over the photo booth world by storm, and it’s all ours!

This slick designed Selfie Pod is an ultra-modern open air Photobooth using the latest technology, with its Canon camera and Mitsubishi printer, allowing us to provide you with high-quality images.

The Pod itself can be themed to your event, with various skins to choose from including Wedding, Gatesby, Winter Wonderland, 007, Wild West, Vegas or can even be created bespoke to you for your event. The Selfie Pod also comes with unlimited personalised prints, to fit your event.

Forget those old style photo booths and selfie mirrors, the Expo Air Selfie Pod is mightily impressive and the most fun your guests can have at any party or celebration. With its cutting-edge technology, it is superior to other photobooths.

Neuron Race / Mr & Mrs Whack Attack

Our amazing party games hire, the Neuron Race, or more recently renamed as Whack Attack is the latest fast paced, speed reaction test game, taking over the Batak world. An amazing spectacle in the dark as it lights up a dazzling LED display. It is also able to be fully themed. Single or two player game available with this brilliant speed reaction test game.

Whack Attack is great becoming popular at Weddings as it is so easy to play and is extremely competitive too, our Mr & Mrs Whack Attack comes with a Wedding surround too, who will win, Team Bride or Team Groom?

The aim is to strike as many lights as it is possible to do in a set time, or just more than your opponent. As you hit one light, another will illuminate, there will always be more lights to strike.

Indoor Laser Target Shooting

Aim and shoot at the randomly lit LED targets as they appear down the blackened tunnel lit with black lighting and lasers. This party games hire was initially designed for indoor use but is now also available as outdoor entertainment.

The shooting tunnel and surrounding area can be themed to suit your event’s needs. You can travel back to the Wild West with our Western themed target shooting or into the secret, undercover world of 007… The names Bond… James Bond, sticking with the movie theme you can have it Star Wars themed, or why not roll back the years to the 1920s with a Roaring Twenties / Great Gatsby themed shooting gallery, with gangsters, molls and tommy guns, or how about a Las Vegas Casino theme?

Remote Control Cars

Remote controlled motor sport is tremendous fun, it’s very fast, often furious and highly addictive. No matter how young or old you may be, you are guaranteed to enjoy yourselves with miniature high speed racing action using Radio Controlled Cars. They are superb fun for Party games hire, Corporate Events, Fund Raisers, Product Launches and Fun Days. Experience all the thrills of high speed motor racing – spins rolls, crashes and maybe even victory!


Scalextric is fast and furious! Slot Racing is a highly versatile event and is fun entertainment for party games hire, Weddings, Corporate Events and Exhibitions. We have various Scalextric available depending on your requirements.

We are able to offer 3 different types of Scalextric ranging from a large 2 lane set up, mini 2 lane set up or 8 lane Scalextric, so there is something for all spaces,e events and ages, with numerous makes and models of cars available too.

Giant Buzz wire

Buzz Wire game also provides great earning potential at Galas, Fetes, and Fund-raising Events. The game runs on a timed counter allowing a minute to complete the course. If you touch the wire three times however, you will be struck out of the game! Why not have two giant Buzz Wires games running side by side making an exciting competition against the clock? The game operates from a 12-volt DC supply, and comes complete with a mains adapter.

Popcorn & Candyfloss

Enjoy these tasty fun food snacks as part of your party games hire. Our scrummy Popcorn and Candyfloss Machines are sure to bring back memories of seaside holidays and sunny skies. Watch the popcorn pop and the candyfloss floss!

The sweet smell of caramel popcorn filling the air is guaranteed to get everyone’s taste buds going! With our Popcorn Machine at your next event, you will have a unlimited fresh supply where you see it produced and popped all evening. We have both salted or sweet popcorn available. The carts are provided with trained and qualified staff to handle foods.

All you can eat Candyfloss, sounds great doesn’t it! You can have it at your next event. The more you and your guests eat, the more we make. With a host of different flavours and colours available, these can be great additions to themed nights… such as green apple Candyfloss to go along with your spooky Halloween Evening.