The Neuron Race, or more recently renamed as Whack Attack is the latest fast paced, speed reaction test game, taking over the Batak world. An amazing spectacle in the dark as it lights up a dazzling LED display. It is also able to be fully themed. Single or two player game available with this brilliant speed reaction test game.

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The Neuron Race is great as Corporate Event entertainment, Exhibition stand entertainment or for Private Parties and becoming popular at Weddings as it is so easy to play and is extremely competitive too.

The aim is to strike as many lights as it is possible to do in a set time, or just more than your opponent. As you hit one light, another will illuminate, there will always be more lights to strike.

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Speed Reaction Game Corporate Entertainment Whack Attack

The Neuron Zone is 1.2m x 0.75m so it is compact enough to be your Exhibition stand attraction or able to fit nicely into your venue for the big corporate party without taking up much room at all. Unlike the Batak Pro the Neuron Race is a table top and also a two player game.

Whack Attack can be fully themed to your individual event. With a bespoke overlay available to demonstrate any picture or theme you have. Additionally bespoke and branded skirts are also available for the table. Promoting and giving maximum exposure of your brand on your Trade Show stand.

Exhibition Stand Entertainment Whack attack hire

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