If you want to experience the brilliant graphics and life-like handling of a Formula 1 car, whilst actually being in one too, then our Formula 1 Racing Simulator is a must have at your next event! Having a incredibly visual piece of equipment attracts an audience wherever it goes. It’s the dream of many to race a F1 car and this gives an opportunity to do so.

Formula 1 Racing Simulator

With a wide range of cars and tracks to choose from, as well as leader board to complete the competition, our Formula 1 Car Racing Simulator is a guaranteed entertainer.

F1 Racing Simulator hire

It works amazingly at Exhibitions to attract clients to your trade stand, giving them something to remember you by, you can also run the event by asking guests to fill in their name and contact details to have a go, giving you time to interact with potential customers and increase your customer database. The leader board means that there is a fun challenge and increases the demand to have a go too! Give the winner a prize to encourage people to take part, whether it be one of your products, a discount off a product or an external prize, depending on your company.

F1 Car Racing Hire Formula 1 Simulator Hire