So you are tying the knot, and either you both share a love for the most famous spy ever, or you have an extremely understanding partner who is allowing you to do this. Either way, we have all the props, theming and entertainment needed to transform your wedding into a scene from MI6, allowing you to complete your mission and get married in style.

Table Plans

From table centres and decorations, to pull up banners and black and white ostrich feathers, Golden Guns and more, we have a wide variety of props to dress your venue right. Then carring onto the evening, with Aston Martin Racing simulators, Casino Royale Tables, to Speed reaction tests that are themed too.

Bond Aston Martin Racers


Bond Table Decorations Bond Table Plan



Vision Racers B + W 2

Give us a call for a bespoke quote on what you would like and when you would like it. We will work around your needs to make sure your big day is one never to forget.



Bond Parties