We have various Lookalikes available and only use the best. Depending on your event and theme, we can supply you with the perfect doppelgänger. Not only do they look a like, they are also great entertainers too, you will feel like they are in the room!

 Marilyn Monroe and Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow always work a treat at a Movie themed event.

Marilyn Monroe and Jack Sparrow

Nigel Farage to most seems the man without a plan, he may well be a disrupter of the peace, but all tongue in cheek.

Nigel Farage

For Bond Evenings we have various Lookalikes available.

Jaws is arguably the most memorable baddy of all the Bond films. This 7’ 3” giant is certain to leave a big impression. A perfect meet and greet (or should that be ‘eat’) personality.


Sean Connery as James Bond, he is still regarded by many as the definitive Bond. This uncanny Lookalike is not only a very capable impersonator, but also a talented magician. This makes his services true ‘2 for the price of 1’ value.

Sean Connery

Oddjob is a man of very few words, and just a hint of menace. Hold on to your hats! He is ideal for photo opportunities, mix and mingle, especially with one or two of the other characters.


Daniel Craig as James Bond, he is probably one of the smoothest men around, and he could be appearing at your next event!

Daniel Craig

Bond Parties